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Our Publications


Community Magazine

Locala magazine is an Ocala, Florida community magazine filled with human interest stories about the people living there. Share in their journeys today.


Book Program

Currently taking applications for “Shameless: 40 Women Share Their Journey of Self-Awareness, -Love, & Leading with Light.”

About Us

Lisa Anderson Media, LLC was founded by Lisa Anderson in May 2020. Originally named for its first publication, The Chews Letter, Lisa changed the name when it became clear the business was morphing into a publishing house.

It is her mission to empower people to share their stories for purposes of connecting people through their humanity, to start conversations (and not arguments), and to give your brand story the credibility it deserves.

What Goes Into Publishing a Digital Magazine

Our publisher, Lisa Anderson, was interviewed by Cindy Kochis in early 2021. Listen to the interview here.

“How important is the writer’s voice? What does a publisher expects from their contributors? What is the puzzle of publishing a digital magazine? Lisa Anderson, Editor in Chief of The Chews Letter, recently joined Cindy Kochis in the virtual Pen to Paper Press Podcast studio to discuss these (and more) topics.”