Amazon Bestselling Author, Multi-Author Program

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Writing a Solo Book can be a Daunting Task!

Have you ever wanted to be a bestselling author, but have been putting off the difficult task of actually writing your book?

All the tasks that just seem so difficult to conquer, like:

  • Writing on a regular basis
  • Finding the right editor
  • Making sure your book is formatted correctly
  • Finding a professional book cover designer
  • Navigating the world of self-publishing
  • Marketing and promoting
  • Or paying a publishing company up to 20K to do all of the above

It’s easy to see why your book has remained a dream.

Multi-Author Books make becoming a Bestselling Author a Snap!

If you’ve written TWO blog posts, you’ve written a chapter! Our chapters are 3,000 words. That’s it! Add a bio and you’re all set. Our team of professionals does the rest.

Together with the other collaborators you’ll promote the book on social media and just like that you are a bestselling author! All for under $1,500. Plus, if you refer someone to our program and they say “YES!” to being a part of one of our books, you will receive $200 as a thank you.

Now Accepting Applications For:

Shameless: 40 Women Share Their Journey of Self-Awareness, -Love, & Leading with Light

Want to Learn More?

I am thrilled that you are excited about this project and want to learn more! We want to make sure your story is a good fit for this book, and we are limiting the number of industry experts in each book. Spots are limited, so do not hesitate. Send us your application today!